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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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when he arrived to all this. what is your reaction to having the kids out here on your behalf? >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: if it was' called to the superintendent's office for a closed door hearing. his firing comes after allegedly using a swear word but it was overheard by another teacher and that led to his abrupt -- >> reporter: how difficult it was for you to make the decision to walk out. >> it was hard but i knew it was the right thing to do. >> mr. chen! >> reporter: chen emerges from the hour-long meeting to hugs and cheers and a lot of passion from his students. >> hashtag save chen and -- [applause] >> mr. chen will be back with our support, he will be back. >> reporter: are you optimistic that you will be back in the classroom? >> i got to. i don't want to give the ideas that i'm not. >> reporter: the students are promising to keep the prosure on. they intend to jam the school committee meeting
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hoping that the superintendent changes his mind and reinstates that fired teacher. live in breakline tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> also on 7, aaron hernandez back in it court today. both sides setting the stage for his upcoming double murder trial in boston. it's in the the first time the former pats player is being tried for murder, but in this case the defense is already making moves. dan hausle is live in boston to give us a look at the argument they'll be making. >> reporter: this was a very interesting pre-trial hearing. the defense trying to chip away at the prosecution's case trying to knock out a witness intimidation charge. the witness is a key person for the prosecution. we got a look at his testimony when prosecutors said that this man was shot by aaron hernandez to keep him from telling when he knows. aaron hernandez back in court.
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2012 murders of danielle abreau and sapphira furtado. former hernandez friend alexander bradley. prosecutors revealed when bradley told the grand jury hernandez said to him right after murders. >> he stated to him, don't tell anybody. the only thing i recall him saying to me, i better not say anything, keep this between us. >> reporter: seven months later prosecutors say bradley spoke of the murderers again. and upset an increasingly paranoid hernandez. >> mr. hernandez allegedly seized two individuals who he said were staring at him. mr. bradley say that is probably because of the f.ed up stuff did you in boston last summer. >> reporter: prosecutors say hernandez shot bradley the incomes day but bradley survived. >> this is a concocted fantasy. >> reporter: hernandez's lawyer won't even concede it was hernandez who shot his friend.
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hernandez's lawyer says bradley told the grand jury the two argued about other things before the shooting. >> he was asked is there, is the reason why he shot you about this? meaning the boston shooting. his answer was i honestly -- if i was going to call it i would say no, but as time went on i started wondering. that is the best they have from bradley. >> reporter: the judge took the matter underred a advisement. he -- under ad advisement. the trial is schedule to start january 4. live in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. >> witnesses say a truck driver turned down a narrow one-way street in the fenway neighborhood going the wrong way. the truck blocked traffic and it took out a mirror on his car. police took the driver into custody but won't comment on charges. another person said they were' forced to take the turn because the area was too narrow for them to take the correct turn.
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still searching for signs of life from the missing cargo ship. dozens of families and loved ones heart broken waiting for any word. two graduates of the mass maritime academy were on the ship. kimberly bookman is live in winthrop where some much their friends are holding a vigil tonight. >> reporter: yeah. kim, that vigil is about to get under way at about 6:30. missing at sea since thursday, mass maritime academy graduate keith griffin has many people in his home town of winthrop praying for him sharing pictures and memories of him and hoping he will make it back to his wife in florida who is expecting twins this spring. >> keith was a hard worker, tremendous football player as far as his toughness and his resilience was incredible. if anyone could pull out of something like it it would be keith remit griffin along
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cadet are among the 33 people on board the ship that sank when hurricane joaquin moved through the bahamas. so far investigators have found the body of one crew member. they haven't released an identity. as they continue to look for survivors the ntsb has joined in. >> we'll be looking at the voice data recorder. that will be of utmost importance to look to try to find that. we'll be looking at any activities or any objects that may be perishable. >> reporter: griffin's wife talked about her husband's job as a first engineer who maintained ship operations, how he travelled all over the world and always had a calm demeanor. >> reporter: we have learned that mathiya has three young children ages 3, 5 and 7.
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kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> the wife after pilot who died in mid air says he was a loving father and dedicated to his job. >> pilot was flying a plane to boston with more than 100 passengers where there an obvious emergency. elizabeth norieka has more. >> reporter: captain michael johnston's family believes he suffered a heart attack. the co-pilot was able to quickly land the plane quickly in new york. the pilot's wife is devastated but says her husband loved to fly. >> it's kind of a surreal type, you know, you just feel like, you feel numb. that is the only way. no, that is not really, it's not real. >> alt at the end we're all shocked, put our lives in his hand and now he is gone. >> reporter: passengers found out that the pilot had died only after getting off the plane in syracuse. the airline released a statement saying it's focused on caring for the pilot's family and co-workers.
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elizabeth norieka, 7 news. >> we're following more news this evening. including some coyote concerns in lawrence. this wild animal spotted in the city. this is the sierra drive area, no doubt about it, they knew that was a coyote and police are telling people in the area to keep their pets inside. and to be careful when outside with small children, too. >> a driver hits a home in cotuit. a pickup slammed in a house. investigators say the woman in the truck was not hurt. the people inside the home were allowed to stay there. >> a water main break in boston's north end. here was the scene early in morning. you can see water flooded the road there. everything. it's tough getting around but that is a big mess. now fixed. >> coming up at 6:00 a local mother airing her anger. she was' travelling and
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wait to see where an an airline employee told her to go. >> the celtics overseas hitting the court in italy. >> if you've been thinking about buying a hour, haven't done it yet, experts say october may be the month to do it. >> we can pinpoint the best day. if you are still in the early stages a month ahead to look at it. >> those details tomorrow morning on 7 n take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one.
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>> a woman runs into a privacy problem at an airport. she was' sent to a place to pets where she was' asked to pump breast milk. >> it's a service animal relief. so she is hoping her story will bring about change. byron barnett is in the controlroom with more of the story. >> reporter: liz cooper is outraged as what she had to if through to pump breast milk for her baby in an airplane. she is calling out the airline which she says is out of touch with the need of modern moms. here is where united airlines sent liz cooper to pump breast milk for her son while she was' on a layover at dulles. >> lo and behold it was an area for dogs to relief themselves with a red fire hydrant. i was horrified. it's, you know, that is where dogs go to the bathroom. not where breast feeding moms pump their milk that
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their baby are going to eat. >> reporter: the only other option united gave we are was a bathroom. >> if you wouldn't eat a sandwich there you are not going to pump breast milk for your baby. >> reporter: cooper says the airline won't let her into its club lounge so she had to push her breast milk in the middle of the terminal. >> next to a gate. thank god there was nobody coming on or off. >> reporter: she tweeted who tells a woman to pump where animals go to the bathroom? and did united at dulles just tell me to pump breast milk in the bathroom or pet relief center, yes, hashtag fail. united released a statement. cooper says this should b a touchable moment. not just for the airlines
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but for all public facilities. >> 2015, find a location or at least have a backup plan. it's not like i'm a pioneer breast pumping mom. it's there are a lot of women out there that need to pump because they are away from their babies working. >> reporter: united contacted her and apologized. she says united thanked already forebringing this to her attention. cooper was happy to hear it and if it helps other moms who pump her trouble and aggravation were worth it. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> forecast looks good over the next few days. the temperatures warm a little bit tomorrow. details next. >> coming up next in 7 sports the bruins new just two days away from their season opener. will big z. be ready? charo on the ice with his
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>> absolutely perfect early fall day out there kim. i had to make a trip to westerns massachusetts and i wanted -- i didn't, but to take pictures and tweet them. i didn't do it. it was really pretty. a little dry. you know, not -- but it was so nice. it was, i was so happy ting
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living in new england. >> the oak trees around central mass are coming along but slowly. that is around greater worcester and beyond that and you get back to more the maples and birches but don't you dare take a picture and tweet it. a lot of pictures coming in and they're looking good. the foliage is coming along. some sprinkles on friday. the weekend, high confidence after beautiful weekend if you want to leaf peeping. 58 in boston, almost equal to the water temperature. 57 marshfield, about 62 worcester. air. we're cooling off and the suburbs will be first to do that falling back to the 40s but these clouds moved through tonight and they enough to keep things from bottoming out in the 30s. forecast. granted there is always someone who comes in around 38 or 39. that is still a possibility but i think the exception here by the way. joaquin pulling away rapidly now into the open atlantic.
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winds still at 80 miles-an-hour, holding together. if he would were to make land fall he would fall apart boastings they spin over the water they take a long time to spin down. tomorrow not as blue as today but highs close to 70 degrees. a front is going by. it, everybody warms up. today everybody was it was back through metro west and southern new hampshire that got up to the 70s an south of the city, but tomorrow push to to the north and south shores almost to cape cod. across the bridges and you will still be in the upper 60s but 70 framingham. same in boston, 71 billerica and down to brockton, marblehead, all the way up into topsfield, about 70. here is the forecast for the fair. we timed it perfectly.
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it sharply pitches on thursday, normal high of 65. he don't think we're going to get out of the 50s, friday and saturday closer to normal. clear start. some clouds do arrive late. 44-53 and tomorrow warm with a few morning clouse and otherwise sunny. the mildest day of the next 7. next week we might warm up once again. the weekend looks great. temperatures in the 60s and next week that might be the final hurrah of this warm stretch. looks like we'll significantly become colder by the middle of next week. we'll watch that carefully. it might be overdone by the model, ryan is giving me a phase but there is a possibility it maybe but enjoy what we have tomorrow. see you later tonight. >> bill bell check has been hanging the drum that every play should be reviewable and maybe the league will
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missed call in last night's sea hawks packer game. the patriots are prepared for whatever the game and the rule book throw their way. the league admitted they got it wrong not flagging him for batting the ball after a calvin johnson fumble. the back judge thought the batting was inadvertent so the lions watch their chances to win slip away. bell belichick had a similar play against the dolphins and foe this is is not easy on anybody. >> it's a lot for the officials to understand. it's a lot for the coaches to understand. and it's a lot for the players to understand. but you know, in the end we try to look at the rule back as a useful tool, something that can benefit us if we know what we have to work with, how to make the best of the situation based on the way the rules are written and try to maximize our opportunities there. >> two days before dropping
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bruins getting a 6' 9" boost to their blue lines. chara back on the ice at this morning's practice but le he be good to go thursday night? trey daerr has more from the garden. >> we're excited about, you know, getting this show on the road if we can put it this way. >> reporter: a lot of names have changed but exceptionation remains the same for a new look bruins roster. >> i have a lot of confidence in the guys to be honest with you from what weeks. >> everyone wants to be hoar and have a big year so, with that excitement and it is nice, it's refreshing. >> those things are great camp. it's how you handle adversity that is going to tell what the team is all about. >> reporter: one of the biggest main stays is chara back with the club, still a question mark for opening night.
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>> you know it's a good sign to have him out there today. we continue to do the daily evaluation of him. >> we need everybody. it's just not one guy. obviously i'm going to do whatever i can to be out there and, you know, be playing. >> it's great to have him out there. he is such a presence in the room and on the ice whether it's in practice or it's great to see him improving and hopefully he will be back soon. >> reporter: at t. with the bruins, trey daerr, 7 news. >> the celtics team that won banner number 17 started their season with a trip to italy and while nobody is setting the bar, that high for the celtics this time around, they're tipping off their exhibition slate looking to build on last year's splicing play-off birth. brad teaching checking out new talent. david lee showing what he brings early on finishing with the lay in there. 13 points and 7 boards. how about amir johnson. he is already on the same page with kelly olinic.
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johnson 6.5 rebounds in 15 and a half minutes. three-point shooting continues to be a certain but thomas dials in from long distance. celt innings hit 8 of 21 and cruise to a 124-91 win and mookie best is going to the world series. of bowling. the red sox out fielder is entering the p.b.a.'s biggest event this december out in renault, nevada. that is sports. >> keeping busy. >> thank you, joe. >> 7 news at 6:00 will be
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>> ahead on nbc nightly news, despite sunshine, things are perilous in south carolina, swollen rivers and our team is on the ground. we'll have the scandal rocking the world of fantasy sport. a man convicted in a notorious new york murder learns why he is going free because why he told me he was innocent. >> thank you for joining us, i'm ryan schulteis in for adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company
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